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The Standart Lofts

The Toledo Warehouse District is booming. Many new companies are realizing the city’s potential growth. The new company on the block is Standart-Simmons Hardware Co. The company has opened its brand new 81,000 square foot warehouse on the corner of South Erie and Lafayette streets. It has the capacity of distributing products to six different states.

The new seven-story building is equipped with spacious offices and has the very best shipping facilities. This attractive brick warehouse draws a lot of local media attention, mainly because of its unusual shape, which resembles a right triangle with chopped edges.

Fast forward to 1975…

After decades of being vacant and neglected, history has taken its toll on the building. On May 29, 1975, the building received a lifeline by being placed on the National Register of Historic Places. This was due to the unique heritage features of the triangular shape and industrial brick-style architecture.


It would be another 36 years before a different generation of enthusiastic companies started realizing the city’s potential growth and the need for attractive, hard loft-style living spaces that have become very popular in cities throughout the country. Standart is now home to 75 luxury loft units and is proud to be a part of the Warehouse District’s growth.